The UK motoring activities you must try this summer

The technology on display is breathtaking – something we experienced again descending on what felt like cliff-edge drops over some of the steepest slopes where you have to fight every urge not to stamp on the brakes and trust the Hill Descent Control to keep everything under control.

You will come away from any day at LRE elated and exhausted in equal measure – not to mention ready to give a nod of respect the next time you see a Land Rover in an urban jungle.

Drive a vintage Jeep in the Cairngorms – Piers Ward

I’m cheating a bit here, I’m afraid, but I can blame geography. A home in Lincolnshire, a desire to drive around the Ardverikie Estate in Scotland and a car in the shape of a 1955 Willys Jeep (the M38A1 version, if you want to talk specifics) that’s flat out at 45mph do not happy bedfellows make, so a trailer and a tow car must be involved in my plan. Even so, once you’re up there, there’s surely no finer way to celebrate ‘the release’.

The weather can sometimes be beautiful up on the edge of the Cairngorms National Park, with lochs, hills and heather, and where man and machine can get back in touch with nature. There were few highlights of the past 15 months, but the way the natural world bounced back in the absence of man was one of the best – so what better way to celebrate that than an escape to a 45,000-acre countryside estate? Time it well and you will even avoid the midges.

Take a VW Camper to Camber Sands – Felix Page

Get some tinfoil around those Scotch eggs and make sure the cola is nice and flat: we’re going on a road trip. Nope, not Route 66 or the North Coast 500 but the A21 from London to Camber Sands – arguably the UK’s most picturesque beach.

I will concede that it’s not the most physically demanding or dynamically rewarding schlep, so you might as well take things easy with a proper old-school Volkswagen camper van. You won’t get there quickly, but you can sleep in it afterwards – and you can’t make a cup of tea in a Caterham.


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