'The Tory Party has nothing to be proud of Matt Hancock for'

Daily Mirror writer Paul Routledge says the Tories have turned the shame of Matt Hancock into an “orgy of political self-congratulation”

Matt Hancock and Prime Minister Boris Johnson visit Bassetlaw District General Hospital
Boris Johnson praised his disgraced Health Secretary

As a show of political propaganda, Dr Goebbels could hardly have done it better.

The Tories turned the shame of Matt Hancock into an orgy of political self-congratulation.

Boris Johnson praised his disgraced Health Secretary, worthy to be “very proud” and “immensely proud” of his record.

Proud of what, precisely? The mess he made of procuring PPE for health and care workers? The dithering and delays over imposing lockdown, which claimed innumerable lives? The disastrous policy of sending Covid-sick patients from hospitals to care homes?

The lamentable record of Test and Trace? His total failure to fund or reform the social care system?

Hancock declared himself “so proud” and “incredibly proud” of what he’s done at the department.

Hancock with Gina Coladangelo


Zuma Press / eyevine)

He posted a video that could have done service as a party political broadcast, pledging to support the government and even using the Tory slogan “build back better.”

Conservative MPs and commentators queued up to congratulate Hancock on “doing the right thing” – even though he refused to do it 24 earlier, when he should have gone.

They agreed that he will be back in the government – in the Cabinet, even – before too long, having served a short sentence of exile on the back benches.

From the exchange of letters to the choreographed “sorry” video, it was all political theatre. A pride of lions on the plains of the Serengeti couldn’t have roared their self-worth more loudly.

Ex-Chancellor Sajid David’s takeover at Health boosts the ranks of Tory ministers determined to tear down all the safety barriers against the spread of highly-transmissible Delta variant of Covid three weeks today.

The tumultuous events of the weekend almost obscured a relentless rise in coronavirus infections, topping 18,000 in a single day.

That’s nothing to be proud about.


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