The story of Kavat and EU Ecolabel

The year was 2008 – a lot of new things happened at Kavat. The first women’s and men’s collection was launched, and one very special kid’s shoe took on a completely new and important role: Edsbro. The beloved learn to walk shoe initiated a journey together with the environmental certification EU Ecolabel.

Calle Karlsson, the grandson of founder Ragnar Karlsson, who created Edsbro, is a driving force behind Kavat’s sustainability work. One sunny morning, Calle describes why they chose to start labeling the shoes with the EU Ecolabel.

Image: Kavat

“We wanted an independent certification for our shoes. Some companies come up with their own labels, but that could be perceived as unprofessional and contribute to greenwashing, so it was essential for us to have an external, independent label for our products to be credible. When a shoe receives the EU Ecolabel certification, it guarantees that the materials and production follow strict criteria set for the entire life cycle. The label is well known throughout Europe, which contributed to us choosing EU Ecolabel over other certifications that are relevant only in Scandinavia.”

Since Edsbro was the first to receive the certification, more than 50 models have followed suit. Some have only been around for a few seasons; others are still going strong and have become timeless Kavat classics.

Image: Kavat

About Kavat

The Swedish shoemaker is a family company rich in heritage and knowledge about shoes. They have been making shoes since 1945, counting four family generations already. The focus is on making great shoes in natural materials. And when decades ago, founder Ragnar Karlsson expressed ”No damn garbage!,“ in regards to shoemaking, it depicted the company’s commitment to quality perfectly.

More than 70 years later, the world has changed. The footwear industry has changed. But the promise made by Ragnar has not.

Image: Kavat

“To us, shoes are not just something you put on your feet. They are what grounds you to the earth – and what could be better than shoes that are eco-friendly and made with respect for Mother Nature?”

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