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KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 30 November
2020 – With the signing of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)
on 15 November 2020, the Asia Chapter members of Public Relations Network (PRN)
are prepared to provide all-round and cross-border support to various
industries from participating nations of RCEP in regards of business development
and investment.

PRN Asia Chapter is formed by profound local PR
agencies across Asia. With this tightly-knit network of PR experts, chapter
members align to provide effective, efficient, and think-out-of-the-box
solutions across the region. With all local teams on board, PRN Asia Chapter is
well-positioned to offer hands-on and ready-to-deploy services, from media
relations and digital campaigns, to event management and crisis communications
to industries who will blossom as a result of the RCEP.

Under the impact of COVID-19, demand for public
relations solutions has risen to new height. With all kinds of new normal in
place, being highly-flexible and mobile, the ability to mobilize regional connections
swiftly and to establish new game plans as a result of changing market demands
are all crucial to enterprises.

Ms Belinda Chan, Chairperson of the PRN Asia Chapter,
and Managing Partner of Creative Consulting Group in Hong Kong: “The RCEP will
drive the shift of economic engine to Asia. With our strong foothold in
strategic locations across the region, we, together, represent a one-of-a-kind
PR think-tank for enterprises that are drawn to tap into the market benefits.”

Mr Jacky Cheng, CEO of CommNow in Shanghai: “This
RCEP can help China building closer trade relations with Asian countries, which
will eventually help Chinese companies to find their new markets. This is very
crucial under the current circumstances.”

Ms Stacy Ang, Director of The Right Spin in
Singapore: “The RCEP has unlocked new levels of market access in Asia. As
agencies that can move expeditiously in our own markets while implementing
cross-border plans collectively, our network offers the desired nimbleness,
synergy and competence for businesses to spread their wings and capture
opportunities as they emerge.”

Ms Sharon Wu, Managing Director of SWEM
Consulting Group in Taipei: “Although Taiwan have not become RCEP members, but
Taiwan government have very good tax policies for import trade between Japan
and ASEAN countries. We believe Taiwan and Asia-Pacific brands can depend on
PRN Asia members support and RCEP policy, win more business successful and more
opportunities for brand grow up in the future.”

Ms Sarah Song, Managing Director of Integra Communications
in Seoul: “We will work together more closely and strengthen our network with
cooperation and synergy in terms of communication through RCEP. Our role as an
Asian network will bring our professionalism and creativity to form a solid
partnership and new perspectives to work in a new era that will grow with future
economic development.”

Ms Pacharee Pantoomano, Managing Director of in Bangkok: “RCEP will undoubtedly create economic vibe within
the region and now is definitely the right time to make an entry into the
market. With our strong base in Thailand and in Asia as part of PRN, we can
offer market consultation and research as well as business matching to clients
at large. With local intelligence in place, we aim to enable clients to benefit
from RCEP more effectively and cost-efficiently.”

Clāra Ly-Le, Managing Director of EloQ Communications in Ho Chi Minh City: “I
am proud that this RCEP partnership was signed at the ASEAN Summit hosted in my
country Vietnam. I have high hopes in this partnership and expect that it will
help many industries recover from the COVID-19 crisis. As a member of PRN Asia
Chapter, we are proud to work with fellow members to deliver top-notch services
for clients from countries coming from the RCEP, from market entry to
well-rounded integrated marketing campaigns.”

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Public Relations
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