The most reliable family SUVs – and the least | What Car?

Not only do they have to be comfortable and refined, with a roomy and well-kitted out interior, but they also need to be dependable.  After all, no one wants to be left stranded at the roadside with child passengers on board. That’s where the What Car? Reliability Survey can help. Using feedback from more than 13,000 car owners, we’ve rated 178 different car models spanning 30 car brands.

We’ve given each model a unique reliability rating based on how many faults it suffered in the previous year, how long each problem kept the car off the road for and, crucially, how much the owner had to pay to get the fault rectified. Here, we reveal the best and worst family SUVs aged up to five years old. We’re running our reliability survey again at the moment, so once you’ve read the story, please let us know how dependable your car has been. Let’s start with the most reliable cars:

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