The most comfortable thongs *ever* according to GLAMOUR Editors (and your granny pants could never compete)

There’s no doubt about it: thongs have an unrivalled ability to divide the internet straight down the middle. They’re divisive as hell, with some of us so obsessed we’d happily ditch our granny pants forever and others firmly in the big briefs camp. No judgement either way.

While we’re not about that thong-peeping-out-from-underneath-garment look circa Hailey Bieber at the last Met Gala last year, there’s one thing we’re certain of: finding a thong so comfortable you forget it’s even there is life-changing. Ground-breaking. Transformative, in fact. Not least because we all know how painful an uncomfortable thong can be.

Sure, there’s a lot that can go wrong when it comes to wearing a narrow string of fabric on your derrière, but a quick survey of the virtual GLAMOUR office (and a skim of the reviews of their favourite styles) would suggest thongs with a barely-there feel do exist. Big brief campers, listen up, ‘cos you’re about to be converted.

The key to finding the most comfortable thong is to pay attention to fabric: you need something stretchy with a lightweight feel. Coincidentally, a large majority of the best thongs as recommended down below are also made from Polyamide and Elastane for that second-skin finish, so that’s something to look out for. You should also make sure your thong has a cotton-lined gusset, whether you’re a G-string gal or an everyday lacy thong lover. Cotton is a breathable fabric which will help you avoid any irritation down there.

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Serving up no-VPL on nights at your local plus unrivalled comfort beneath your tracksuit as your work from home, here are the best thongs ever that GLAMOUR editors could’t live without. Your underwear drawer is about to get a glow-up.


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