The Masked Singer's Gremlin Unmasks Himself

Well, that was a new one. 

This is how it usually goes on The Masked Singer: a group of masked contestants all perform for the audience and for the panelists. The audience and panel then vote for their favorite singer, and whoever gets the least votes dramatically takes off his or her mask to reveal their true identity. 

Tonight, however, the Gremlin decided he wasn’t about that. After he performed, he decided he was just going to take his mask off and eliminate himself there on the spot, revealing that it was none other than Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke

Initially, he joked that he was just there because he was in the neighborhood. He also explained that he was a fan of the show and had watched either four episodes or so since the beginning (it wasn’t clear). Other than that, he offered no real explanation for his decision to take the mask off other than the simple fact that it was hot. Honestly, after we spent all day getting as close to our air conditioner as possible, we gotta say we don’t blame him. 


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