The great British art quiz: set by Derby Museums

This quiz is brought to you in collaboration with Art UK, the online home for the UK’s public art collections, showing art from over 3,000 venues and by 45,000 artists. Each day, a different collection on Art UK will set the questions.

Today, our questions are set by Derby Museum and Art Gallery. Derby Museums runs three sites in Derby, including the Museum and Art Gallery, the Museum of Making at Derby Silk Mill, and Pickford’s House Museum.

You can see art from Derby Museum and Art Gallery on Art UK here. Find out more about the Derby Museums here.

Benjamin West was born in Pennsylvania in 1738 and later settled in London, where he rose to fame as a painter of modern and historical events. In this painting, West depicts a moment within a wider global conflict, but which one?

The sitter in this portrait by Joseph Wright of Derby was famously described as a ‘gross, bag-cheeked, pot-bellied Lancashire man’. Who was he?

The artist behind this painting is perhaps best-known for his large scene of an annual race meet. Who was he?

What is the name given to this technique of painting, which uses shades of the same neutral colour?

Ernest Townsend cited his fellow Derby painter, Joseph Wright, among his influences. His paintings also pay homage to an earlier, Netherlandish painter of light. But who?

This is an unfinished portrait study of Moses by John Singer Sargent. In which US library can you find the mural cycle Triumph of Religion for which this study was made?

The Italian artist Antiveduto Grammatica chose one of art history’s most enduring subjects for this painting. What is it?

Derby’s current Museum and Art Gallery building was opened in 1879 thanks to generous funding from MP Michael Thomas Bass. From what product did he and his family derive their wealth?


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