The fastest electric cars

It’s really not possible to overstate the importance of the Taycan, which is one of the few cars on this list designed and built by an established car manufacturer. While most here come with wild prices and in limited numbers, the Porsche is a series-production model that’s as usable as the firm’s internal-combustion models. The Turbo S’s ability to whisk you from standstill to 60mph in 2.6sec is staggering and top speed is limited to 162mph. More impressive is the engaging handling and the depth of engineering that makes this feel as much like a Porsche as a 911 does.

Tesla Model S

The Model S is arguably the most impressive car in this list, because it’s not a multi-million-pound supercar that’s built from unobtanium in button numbers. You can already walk into your Tesla dealer tomorrow and, after handing over £89,890, drive away in a flagship Performance model and crack 0-60mph in 2.3sec at the first set of traffic lights. Now there’s an even faster, triple-motor Plaid version that packs 1100bhp and should lower the time for the benchmark sprint to under 2.0sec when it arrives in 2021.

Faraday Future FF91

Chinese start-up Faraday claims to be taking a different approach to car making, one that mirrors tech giants such as Apple. It sees its large FF91 saloon as a platform to sell digital services, and no doubt access data, as much as a car. Even so, it’s certainly a quick online platform, its trio of motors developing 1035bhp and the 0-60mph dash is reckoned to be all over in just 2.2sec. There are currently no plans to bring it to Europe, but in the US, it’ll cost from £90,000 when production starts later this year.


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