The ‘Dorito’ and grilled corn dish at Smoke&Salt is seriously moreish

The grilled corn with a ‘Dorito’ crumb at Smoke&Salt (Photo: Smoke&Salt)

Yes, a homemade ‘Dorito’ is on the menu at Tooting restaurant Smoke&Salt.

Their grilled corn dish is topped with a chilli ‘Dorito’ crumb and a spicy corn dip.

The owners explain: ‘Grilled corn is a childhood favourite so the idea of snacking and dipping goes hand in hand with this.

‘Chilli heat wave Doritos have a cult following (which we completely buy into) so we just had to have a go at making our own and feel they add to the fun and moreish nature of the dish.’

It is certainly moreish and a pairing to be proud of.

It is one of the many dishes you can get from the six-course set menu at Smoke&Salt, which costs £32pp.

The owners of Smoke&Salt (Photo: Smoke&Salt)

It’s a bit of a steal for such a robust menu. The menu changes regularly in order to include the freshest possible ingredients.

Dishes at the moment include their homemade bread with whipped butter (which tastes exceptionally creamy), as well as smoked trout dish with a dehydrated tomato and blackberry vinegar.

The owners, Remi Williams and Aaron Webster, explain that ‘smoking, curing and preserving are at the heart of our restaurant’. This is reflected throughout their sharing menu.

The restaurant opened in Tooting in September, but previously was operating from the shipping container POPBrixton since 2017.

Now it has found a home for its innovative take on dishes – and we’re looking forward to seeing what comes out of the kitchen next.

The crispy potato dish at Smoke&Salt (Photo: Smoke&Salt)

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