The creative hobbies that can earn you the most money on the side

Make some extra cash doing what you love (Picture: Getty)

Making money is not the point of having a creative hobby… but it could be a nice little bonus.

Whether you’re in to stitching and sewing, or painting and pottery, the things you create in your spare time could provide you with a bit of extra cash. But some hobbies will earn you a lot more than others. trawled through online custom marketplace Etsy to find out which hobby is the most lucrative. They also surveyed 1,000 people per country included in the study (57 in total) to find out which hobbies people loved the most.


Average earning £299.97

In first place is the artistic hobby, painting, with an average total of £299.97 per item.

It’s no wonder 71% claim it as their favourite hobby, if one painting can earn almost £300 on average.

And, you don’t always have to be great at it. One man is earning a fortune for charity by creating really quite terrible pet portraits.


Average earning £95.44

In second place is the clay spinning hobby, pottery. You could earn an average of £95.44 per item.

With pottery taking centre stage in that iconic scene in 1990 film Ghost, it’s no wonder 78% of people consider it their favourite pastime.

But, of course, you have to have enough space, lots of clay, and one of those spinny wheel things to get this hobby off the ground.


Average earning £52.05

Grab your needle and yarn as knitting comes in third place with an average earning of £52.05 per item sold.

Beating the most lucrative hobby in popularity, but taking in less cash, 83% of people say knitting is their favourite hobby.

And, with the weather getting colder, we predict the demand for cosy scarves and cardigans is going to go through the roof.

Jewellery making

Average earning £44.34

Ms Bassey may have said diamonds are forever, but unfortunately jewellery making is one of the least profitable hobbies with an average of £44.34 earned per item sold.

However, 59% of people said that it is their favourite hobby.

Macrame wall hangings

Average earning £40.06

The new hippy chic woven craze, macrame, comes in fifth place with an average £40.06 earned.

These unique wall hangings are loved by 67% of the people surveyed.

Cross stitching

Average earning £27.04

The traditional hobby of cross stitching has come back into style after viral TikTok success – 53% of people claim it as their favourite hobby.

f you were to take up this hobby, you could take home an average of £27.04 per item.

Candle making

Average earning £18.44

In last place is the aromatic hobby of candle making.

But, although candles may smell delicious, you could expect to earn a disappointing £18.44 per item on average.

Although it’s the lowest paid hobby, 42% of people surveyed said that it was their favourite pastime.

But, remember, you don’t have to make money from your hobbies.

You should spend your free time doing things that make you happy and help you to relax. So don’t feel pressured to find a side-hustle.

It is perfectly fine to create beautiful things simply for the joy of it, or to give as gifts to the people you love.

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