The Biggest Trends in Home Decor This Year Reviewed

Biggest Trends in Home Decor

2020 is finally here – the dawn of a new decade is upon us. And if it’s anything like the last roaring 20s, we’re in for a 10 year stretch of decadent glitz and glam. And no doubt this is sure to be brought into the home, so just what are the biggest trends coming up in home decor right now? Antique art is certainly set for a revival, but what about other styles? Here we review the very best of the rest.

Vintage Accents

The era of Gastby was born in the 20s and, as we all know, Fitzgerald’s protagonist was obsessed with repeating the past. Thankfully for Jay Gatsby, what goes around comes around – especially when we’re talking about home decor.

This year then, we’re sure to see a shift towards traditional and vintage detailing. Think spindles and spooled legs – the kind of furniture that was popular during the ultra-glamorous (and very “fabulous, darling!”) third decade of the 20th century. However, don’t overdo it – one or two statement pieces will complete a room. Ultimately, less is more.


Texture is set to become increasingly incorporated into rooms as a tool to add interest. Consider layering up textures in the same colours and shades – this is perfect for neutrals if you’re looking for a way to spice up a room without using too much colour. An obvious way of doing so is by making use of statement cushions and blankets.

But you should also introduce textures with plants, both living and the more dry, ornamental variety. Dried flowers are set to be everywhere soon. 2019 was the year of the fig, and 2020 is set to pave the way for the olive tree. These options don’t quite deliver an all-dominating bright green, but instead a subtle sage hue – easy to work with as you decorate and accessorize.

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Floral Wallpaper

Speaking of flowers, floral wallpaper is also set to make a return. It’s already been around for years and, at times, it can make a room seem dated. However, it’s set to undergo something of a makeover in 2020 and beyond. Incorporating bold colours, metallic detailing, and large striking designs, it’s an excellent choice in hallways and bathrooms. If you’re unsure whether you’ll be a fan, opt for a stick-on version to see what the final article would look like.

Canopy Beds

Canopy beds have long been associated with the draping of heavy fabrics, complete with chunky headboards. However, they have also been modernized. Nowadays, they’re made from metal and acrylic, making for a sleek, upholstered frame. Your bed is one place of respite, so be sure to focus plenty of attention here.

Sociable Space

Staying in is actually the new going out (a little like in Gatsby’s heyday!) and this is something that we should focus on when decorating our homes. Think of your favourite bar, or the best hotel you’ve stayed in, and take inspiration from their decor. This will help you to create a relaxed, ambient atmosphere – the perfect place to socialise. Think neon signs, funky lights from Pagazzi lighting, barstools and bar carts – and fully embrace this trend.

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