The best silk bedding to keep you cool this summer (and make you feel like royalty, too)

So we all know the benefits of silk pillowcases for our pillows by now, right? They provide a whole host of benefits for your skin and hair, including maskne and bed head, so it’s no wonder every beauty guru is jumping on the bandwagon of adding one to their boudoir. But what about the rest of your bedding? While you wouldn’t think it, silk bed sheets actually keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

As the weather starts to improve (hallelujah, it’s about time), so comes the dreaded humid feeling we can’t shake from our bedrooms at night. All the electric fans in the world can’t shake that horrible sticky feeling you experience at bedtime during the summer, and unfortunately we can’t all be the sleep-on-top-of-your-duvet type (what if a monster gets me?). So, silk bedding seems to be the answer we’ve all been looking for.

Are silk sheets worth it?

No surprises here, but it’s common for people to sweat while they sleep – a fact which becomes even more true in warmer climes. The proteins in silk bedding, however, are effectively absorbent and help to liberate you and your mattress topper and mattress of moisture while maintaining a stable temperature (so you no longer have to switch to the ‘cold side’ of the pillow every few minutes). Silk is a naturally breathable fabric, so instead of trapping any heat or sweat it releases it.

When you compare silk to more common fabrics, such as cotton or polyester, the benefits of silk bed sheets come out on top. Where cotton has to go through a process to be deemed hypoallergenic, silk is naturally so. Cotton is great at absorbing moisture but it tends to hold it instead of emitting it like silk, plus silk naturally synchronises with the heat of your body so you needn’t sling your duvet off you and your entire bed frame in the middle of the night – or sleep with just your duvet cover.

The price of silk bedding is usually the main turn-off factor for people but, while we can agree that it’s at the steeper end of the spectrum, the benefits seem to outweigh the cons. This four-piece silk bedding set from Amazon won’t break the bank, nor will this silk-filled duvet from John Lewis. If you don’t mind spending a bit more though, we recommend you take a look at The White Company’s Audley range, or perhaps this paisley patterned bedspread from Etro or Not Just Pajama’s funky bedding set.

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Yes cotton has its crisp-feeling benefits, but silk bedding seems to be the way forward. Personally I can’t think of anything better than sliding into silky sheets after a cool shower (especially with freshly smooth legs).

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