The Best Environment Friendly iPhone Bargains for 2021

People are attracted to Apple iPhones despite these devices being priced so costly. No one can deny that. You can tell how these mobile phones are still in high demand. The demand for iPhones has pushed Apple into planning to build 230 million iPhones in 2021.

Yes, Apple iPhones are user friendly as well as the most secure phone in the world. That’s why for iPhone fans and smartphone enthusiasts, they can turn a blind eye to the high price tag just so they can get a hand of this amazing mobile phone. After all, they get the value of the money they spent for the iPhone.

There are actually reasons as to why Apple iPhones are expensive. For one, it’s because the iPhone is a higher-end product. They are of high quality and perform so well.

That’s because Apple designs and engineers not only the hardware of each phone, but also the software. You see, every single feature of Apple’s iPhone is tested many times in order to offer the best user experience to the consumers. Apple also keeps coming up with updates for its products.

Another reason is that your iPhone also contains dozens of metals that are sourced from every corner of the globe. Your device was manufactured at scale by hand, each at sometimes a rather high human cost, and there are scores of highly complex component parts.

Knowing these facts, it’s no wonder that Apple’s iPhones are priced that high. However, no one can also ignore the fact that nowadays, particularly during this time when the pandemic has ruined countless livelihoods and killed lives, it’s getting hard for everyone to spend money for mobile phones, much more the iPhones.

The Best Environment Friendly iPhone Bargains for 2021
Apple iPhones are user friendly as well as the most secure phone in the world. (Photo credit:

How Can You Save Money when Shopping for an iPhone?

If you are strapped for cash but you really want to purchase an iPhone, there are actually several ways you can buy the device without worrying that you will end up with an empty wallet.

The following are some of the ways you can save money when shopping for an iPhone.

  • Buy an older model. When is the best time to buy an iPhone? Believe it or not, it is actually in September when new models are announced. Take note, you are not going to buy the latest model. That’s because newly released iPones are super expensive at the time. However, this is not the case for old iPhone models.

September is actually the month when older iPhone models are discounted. Technology marketplaces also tend to get an influx of old iPhones when there are new releases. This makes the prices of iPhones drop.

  • Choose a smaller iPhone. Another way you save money is to buy a basic iPhone model rather than the larger iPhones. You also shouldn’t purchase iPhones with more storage capacity as they are more costly.
  • Wait for promotion. Are you on a tight budget? You can look for the best iPhone deals during holiday seasons. Mobile phone carriers and electronic retailers often offer some of their best iPhone deals on Black Friday.
  • Pick a payment plan. If you can’t afford the full cost of the iPhone, an option you can take is to pay for it in monthly installments. Apple actually has its own monthly payment plans. That’s why, if you are the type of person who gets a new iPhone every year without fail, an upgrade plan is perfect for you.
  • Sell or trade in your old phone. Do you want to save money? Another thing you can do is to sell or trade in your old mobile phone that you don’t need. You might get a few hundred pounds, gift cards, or credit which you can apply toward a new iPhone. While you will typically get more money for selling your old iPhone, it will be more of a hassle compared to trading it in.

As such, not only will you get a new smartphone, you can also help save the environment from keeping your old phone from being thrown to the landfill.

  • Buy a refurbished iPhone. Refurbished iPhones, when you bought them from a trustworthy retailer or seller, are a reliable and affordable option for you. There are several companies or retailers that sell refurbished iPhones. Among them are Apple, QwikFone, Gazelle, and others.

What are the Best Environment Friendly iPhone Bargains?

If you want to get a new iPhone device and at the same time you want to save money as well as the environment, the best smartphones you can buy are refurbished iPhones.

Refurbished iPhones are cheap but they work and look like brand new devices. What’s more, buying them can help save the environment. How, you ask? If you purchase a refurbished iPhone, you are assisting in the:

  • Reduction of energy consumption which are needed to manufacture an electronic device;
  • Reduction of toxicity which came from components found in mobile phones that can lead to soil and water contamination;
  • Reduction of carbon footprint, which is generated from the production of mobile phones; and
  • Reduction of raw materials used in manufacturing smartphones.

The following are some of the best iPhone models you can buy as refurbished in 2021:

Refurbished iPhones are cheap but they work and look like brand new devices.
  • Apple iPhone SE. If you are looking for the best value for an iPhone, the iPhone SE is the one for you. Known as the best budget iPhone, the iPhone SE has an LCD, 4.7-inch, Retina HD screen and its design is almost identical to the iPhone 8. It runs on the same powerful chip as the iPhone 11 series.

You can find the best deals for this smartphone at QwikFone. You can browse some cheap iPhones to buy at QwikFone. Together with the handset, you will get a free set of brand new iPhone accessories. The phone also comes with a 12-month warranty with the possibility of replacing the iPhone SE unit if needed as well as a full refund in case of returning the order.

  • Apple iPhone 12. Referred as the best iPhone overall. This mobile phone has the best balance of performance, features, and design for the price. The iPhone 12 is the model most people should go for. You can save up to $1,000 off with trade in from All Models and T-Mobile.
  • Apple iPhone 12 Mini. The best small iPhone model. The iPhone 12 Mini is a smaller version of the standard iPhone 12. This smartphone is for iPhone users who like more compact designs and smaller screens. You can get up to $700 back with trade in at AT&T.
  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro. The best premium iPhone. The iPhone 12 Pro is for the discerning iPhone user who wants almost the absolute best from Apple. You can save up to $1,000 when you trade in your old or damaged device at Verizon.
  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max. The best big premium iPhone. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the choice for those who want a long-lasting battery, gigantic screen, and sophisticated camera. You can save up to $1,000 when you trade in your old or damaged device at Verizon. You can also get up to $700 back with trade in at AT&T.

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