The 7 steps to ease a hangover after Brits celebrate lockdown easing

PUBS have once again reopened their doors as the latest round of coronavirus restrictions have been lifted.

Brits were pictured packing out pubs and bars across the country yesterday as many took their first sip of a freshly pulled pint.

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Chin chin! Pubs reopened yesterday after being closed for months due to Covid-19


Chin chin! Pubs reopened yesterday after being closed for months due to Covid-19Credit: LNP
Brits made the most of pubs reopening yesterday as many booked up tables and got the drinks in


Brits made the most of pubs reopening yesterday as many booked up tables and got the drinks inCredit: Getty

While we love nothing more than getting the pints in, what we don’t enjoy so much is the nasty hangover the day after – which after yesterday, it’s likely many people are suffering this morning.

There are new rules in place if you’re off to the pub in order to protect you from Covid-19.

If you’re going to any venue then it’s likely you will notice a QR code at the door inviting you to check in to the venue and under new rules every person in your party will have to check in – whereas before just one person had to.

While rules are in place to protect you from Covid-19 when it comes to visiting pubs and restaurants once more, there are things you can also do to ease your hangover this morning.

1. Stay hydrated

Nick Hird, co-founder of ViDrate said that one of the best ways to keep a hangover at bay is to drink enough water.

He said: “Dehydration is the main cause of feeling hungover, alongside vitamin depletion and excessively putting toxins into your body.

“You’re supposed to drink 6-8 glasses of water everyday – so this gives you an idea of how much you should be drinking to stay hydrated.”

Nick said: “Alcohol is a diuretic, which stimulates your kidneys to produce urine, meaning it makes you lose more water than you take on board.

“Basically you pee more than you drink, which means you are dehydrating yourself and with that you also lose some of the body’s electrolytes”.

Nick said next time you’re out on the booze, try and have a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have.

Drinking enough water is key if you want to avoid a hangover. Try having a glass after each alcoholic drink


Drinking enough water is key if you want to avoid a hangover. Try having a glass after each alcoholic drinkCredit: Getty

2. Get under the sheets

That’s right – you might not feel like it this morning after your first night out after lockdown, but one expert says that having sex is one of the best ways to cure a hangover.

Speaking to The Sun, Roberta Stringer, nutritionist and co-founder of testosterone supplement company DNA said: “One of the most effective, fun and cheapest ways to cure a hangover is to have sex.

“Sex releases oxytocin, which is a happy hormone and powerful anti inflammatory that helps us deal with pain.

“Also added bonus of burning off a few of those liquid festive calories you consumed in the process!”

3. Take a nap

Booze can disturb your sleep pattern and many of us have woken up with a fuzzy head after one too many pints yesterday.

Nick said that sleep is one of the best hangover remedies but when you’ve been drinking the alcohol disturbs your restorative sleep.

He added: “Try and schedule in a power nap the next day, or if you don’t have time make sure you get an early night so your body can recover.”

Try and take a nap today if you're struggling with a hangover


Try and take a nap today if you’re struggling with a hangoverCredit: Getty – Contributor

4. Get outside

While no one expects you to be doing deadlifts or Joe Wicks workouts with a hangover, Nick said a little bit of light exercise might make you feel better.

He said: “Even a short walk or jog will make you feel better due to the fresh air and endorphins released by physical activity.”

But Dr Deborah Lee, who works with Vita Coco said sweating too much will cause further dehydration.

She said: “Your cognitive function is notably reduced when you are hungover and this affects your risk-taking behaviour and decision making abilities, meaning you’re more likely to overdo it in the gym and risk injury.”

5. Dish the fish

Nutritionist Pauline Cox, on behalf of Wiley’s Finest said that eating oily fish could be the key to helping out your hangover.

She said: “That anxious, jittery feeling you get the morning after? Turns out low DHA levels in the brain could be the culprit.

“Research has shown the protective effects of a particular omega 3 found in high levels in the brain called DHA. DHA has been shown to have neuroprotective effects against the damage of alcohol on the brain.

“Fish oils have the potential to protect the brain cells from the damaging effects of inflammation brought about from drinking alcohol, although more research is needed to confirm these effects.”

6. Have a coffee

Anne Redmayne Porter, nutritionist at Bondi Coffee, said black coffee, made up of over 90 per cent water, can assist in combating a hangover.

She said: “Although caffeine does have a diuretic effect, the high water content of a black coffee means that this effect does not nullify the hydration benefits.

“Another key symptom of hangovers is brain fog and fatigue. Caffeine, a stimulant, increases alertness.

“A cause and effect relationship has been established by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) between 75mg of caffeine.”

A nice cup of coffee may help fix your hangover this morning


A nice cup of coffee may help fix your hangover this morningCredit: Getty

7. Get your vitamins and minerals

While you might not want to turn the blender on this morning, experts say having a juice or smoothie packed with vitamins and minerals could help shift your hangover – without turning your stomach.

Registered dietitian Lola Biggs, who works Together Health recommended some ingredients that could help ease your thumping head this morning.

She said adding spinach to your smoothie or juice can help as it will boost magnesium levels something which is depleted after a heavy night on the booze.

Lola also suggested cucumber which will help cool and soothe digestion, as well as aloe vera juice which can help reduce inflammation.

She added that both pineapple and ginger will help those who are feeling a little bit sickly this morning.

She said ginger has anti-sickness benefits and pineapple includes enzymes and bromalin which helps improve a sickly tummy.

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