The 7 best aromatherapy rollerballs for instant de-stressing

We can all agree life is stressful (especially at the moment), which is what makes little moments of ‘me-time’ so important. For those who can’t manage a bubble bath every evening, has no time to master meditation or refuses to engage with the idea of adult colouring books, there are simpler, less time-consuming ways to practice the art of self care.

Alongside breathing techniques that you can do on-the-go, and podcasts you can listen to in the background to help calm the mind, aromatherapy is another way to unwind, destress and refocus your energy – and it can be done in a variety of ways, which makes it versatile enough to suit every schedule. Perhaps the most convenient of all aromatherapy methods is the humble rollerball, which dispenses essential oils onto the skin in the most mindful of ways.

Rollerballs are designed to be applied directly to the pulse points, including the wrists and temples, to provide fast-track benefits ranging from re-energising to de-stressing. “Clinical studies have shown that aromatherapy by inhalation can have real benefits for people with, for example, anxiety, [problems with] mental focus, depressive symptoms, and menstrual pain,” says Robert Tisserand, an essential oil educator and aromatherapy expert. He adds that using essential oils via bathing, diffusing, and topical application can also be helpful in terms of wellness.

The specific oil you choose will depend on what you’d like to achieve. Lavender, cedarwood and rose are great for relieving stress and anxiety. For an energy and overall mood boost, try lemon or peppermint. Fancy feeling sensual? Try jasmine and sandalwood. Luckily, most brands offer a multi-pack of different oils and oil blends, so you can apply different ones depending on the time of day and your mood.

Rather than try and assess how you’re feeling, the best way to choose a blend is to apply a selection to your skin, and see which one you are most drawn to. Once you’ve selected your oils, all that’s left to do is roll on and breathe in. Here are some of our absolute favourite aromatherapy rollerballs for relaxation…


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