The 10 nutrients to boost your immune system for winter

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is a catch-all name for several sub-vitamins, each with a different purpose.

Vitamin B6, for instance, helps produce natural pathogen killers, while B12 focuses on T cells.

Thiamin, another word for vitamin B1, helps rejuvenate the nervous system and extract more energy from food.


Iron has many uses, and several tasty foods such as red meat are a prime source.

The mineral builds neutrophil cells, a type of immune cell that travels to neutralise infections.

At the same time, they prove vital in soothing inflammation.


Zinc helps strengthen the body’s first-line defences against invading pathogens.

Among others, they support phagocytes, innate immune cells that destroy any invading organism.

The mineral will also augment the abilities of other minerals by strengthening the skin, nose and mouth barriers.


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