Texas singer Sharleen Spiteri says Lionel Richie couldn't believe she's Scottish

Texas singer Sharleen Spiteri has revealed Lionel Richie couldn’t believe the band were from Scotland.

The Say What You Want singer, 53, was introduced to the music legend at a record company party – who mistakenly thought she was from Texas.

Speaking to Laura Whitmore in a preview for her BBC Radio 5 Live show, she revealed Lionel ‘couldn’t let if go’ that the group were from Scotland and had no connection to the US state.

“There was a Lionel Richie thing and I was along with the record company and the head says ‘This is Sharleen Spiteri from the band Texas,” Spiteri explained.

Lionel Richie ‘couldn’t let if go’ that the group was from Scotland

“And Lionel Richie says ‘what part of Texas are you from?’

“And I was like ‘I’m not actually from Texas.’

“Seeing the look on Lionel Richie’s face! I went ‘oh no, I’m in a band called Texas.”

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The singer went on to say how Lionel asked if her parents from the US, forcing her to explain the name is taken from the band’s favourite movie – Paris, Texas.

She added: “He then went ‘So have you lived in Texas?’ This went on all night. Literally, I kept running into him at this party and he would say ‘so, Texas?’

“He just couldn’t let it go. He just couldn’t get it out of his head.”

It comes after the star claimed the kitchen of her London home is haunted by a friendly ghost.

The Glasgow-born singer said she regularly sees a woman sitting at a table in her home.

She insisted her family and several visitors to the house have also spotted the ghostly figure.

Spiteri revealed she has believed in spectres since she was a child and was taken to a psychiatrist by her parents because she was convinced she kept seeing the spirit of her dead uncle.

She said: “This woman sits at the end of the table. When I see her I always say hello because my mum always told me to be nice to spirits. It doesn’t scare me because it’s a nice one.”


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