Ted Danson Talking Like Gen Z on Mr. Mayor Is LOL-Worthy

We’ve never wanted Ted Danson to be our dad more.

In this exclusive clip from tonight, Jan. 21’s all-new Mr. Mayor, Neil Bremer (Danson) attempts to connect with his daughter, Orly (Kyla Kenedy). How exactly? By using hip lingo.

“So, what’s gucci, fam?” Neil starts off in the clip. “Any VSCO girls stress you about cheddar?”

Understandably, Orly finds herself confused by her father’s line of questions. Thus, she offers up a quick, “No.”

In response to this, Neil states, “Perf.”

Orly urges her dad to not to use that word, but it seems Neil is committed to using Gen Z phrases.

“GFW, that feeling when these tacos squat,” he adds. “You up?”

At this point, Orly asks (an honestly fair) question: “Dad, are you OK?”

She also inquires if the fictional mayor knows his middle name or the year. Without missing a beat, Neil responds, “I’m mad fine.”

Again, Orly corrects her dad, telling him that “mad fine” just “means you’re handsome.”


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