Teacher urges parents not to send kids to class with birthday party invites

A teacher has gone viral on TikTok after sharing an important message for parents about children giving out invitations to their birthday party while in the classroom

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Teacher urges parents not to hand out party invites in class

Recently a parent went viral on social media after complaining that a teacher had asked her to invite an entire class to her child’s birthday party, instead of a select few.

In a clip on TikTok the mum, from the US, who posts under @realitykeck, can be heard saying: “It’s a birthday party, not a soup kitchen.”

More than five million people have viewed the video, with thousands being divided in the comments over what she had to say.

Some took her side, arguing that it would be too much hassle to look after a class of 27 children at a party, while others said they wouldn’t be able to afford to cater for that many people.

However, many agreed with the teacher in this situation and felt concerned for the little ones that were being excluded.

The initial video that went viral


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Among those who agreed with the teacher, was a fellow educator named Sydney ( @sydneyyythekydneyyy ) who waded into the comments to explain the hurt that can occur when children hand out party invites during school time.

She wrote: “I’m a teacher and I’ve watched kids be devastated they were left out. Just don’t pass them out in class??? Simple.”

Her comment garnered a lot of attention, so she ended up making a video to address some of the responses and further explain her point.

Sydney said: “My point is that you don’t have to invite everyone, but then just don’t pass out the invitations in class.

“The comments I got were so privileged and so vile.”

Sydney didn’t think invites to a select few should be given out in class


She proceeded to share a few, such as “that’s not the parents problem” and “it’s ok to let kids be disappointed”.

“A lot of these people are just projecting onto the kids. They’re acting like these kids think the world is sunshine and roses, and everything revolves around them,” she continued.

“Newsflash: My kids know life isn’t fair. You know how I know that? I have students who live in cars. I have students who have dead parents. I have students who don’t know where their next meal is coming from.”

She added: “A lot of times, it’s the students with the hard home lives who have trouble socializing and making friends that aren’t invited to the birthday.

“I’m not going to let you be the reminder that they didn’t win the popularity contest this year. Do that…on your own time and leave it out of the classroom.”

TikTok users were much more supportive in the comments of Sydney’s video, with one person replying: “I’m a parent and honestly I would NEVER have invitations passed out to only a few select people. It’s distasteful and kids feelings do get hurt.”

Another posted: “If it’s unpolite as an adult, imagine the feeling as a kid when your emotions are 10x more vulnerable.”

Someone else shared: “You are absolutely correct! My kiddos school has the same policy. If you hand them out in class, there has to be enough for everyone.”

What do you think? Should children give out party invites at school? Let us know in the comments below.

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