Teacher breaks world record for longest rap – going for nearly 40 hours

Daniel is a new world record holder (Picture: PA Real Life)

A British school teacher who rapped for almost 40 hours has set a new world record – and it took him two goes to do it.

Daniel Alcon, 35, performed under his musical alias DAlcon and skipped sleep for two nights to rap consecutively for 39 hours and 37 minutes.

The English teacher, who is from Wimbledon, London, but teaches in Valencia, Spain, broke The Guinness World Record for the Longest Freestyle Rap Marathon.

‘I feel very proud,’ he said.

‘I did it once before, which I failed, and that really hurt me.

‘I just can’t believe I did it again. I decided to do it one more time and relief, relief is the word.’

His record, which was attempted in April and subsequently ratified by Guinness World Records, followed a failed attempt last year.

He had to beat a mark of 33 hours, 33 minutes and 16 seconds set by American rapper Watsky, and managed to perform for 35 hours – only to discover the record had already been beaten by by Irishman Liam Reeves and now stood at more than 36 hours.

Daniel Alcon rapped for almost 40 hours (Picture: PA Real Life)

He said: ‘I thought, well, what what am I going to do? So I called up my witnesses and said, “I’m doing this again, guys, sorry to put you through it”.

‘I don’t want to fail like this just by one hour.’

Daniel’s rap marathon was overseen by witnesses to make sure he stuck to the strict rules in order to get a world record.

The rules stipulated that Daniel was allowed 30 seconds to catch his breath between raps, the beats had to be continuous, and he was given a five-minute break for every hour rapped.

‘I just survived on kiwis, grapes and tea,’ he said.

‘I had my kettle there with me and I drank loads of tea.

‘More often than not you’ll see me sticking the kettle on, I’m a big tea drinker.’

Daniel said one of the hardest moments came at the start of the challenge.

‘One of the most tiring moments was in the first song when I was feeling I was feeling uninspired.

‘Before the challenge, I was nervous but once the challenge started I was a bit like a machine, I just thought get on with it.

‘The energy levels were just completely up and down and I rap about that as well.

‘It’s like, you think you haven’t got energy and then suddenly the energy just comes to me.’

Daniel struggles with his mental health and his motivation for pursuing the world record was a chance to raise awareness of the charity Key Changes – the world’s first music label exclusively for musicians who have faced mental health challenges.

The charity’s provides a ‘pop-up’ music studio to inpatients facing mental health difficulties in hospital, coaches to help artists overcome performance anxiety, and more.

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