Take a look inside a three-bedroom house that was 3D printed in just 12 hours

The foundations of the three-bed home were created in just 12 hours (Picture: Consociate Media / SWNS)

Could this be the future of housing?

Across the pond in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA, an entire three-bedroom house has been 3D printed using liquid concrete – and it took just 12 hours to complete.

The new home owner, April Springfield, and her 13-year-old son are now ready to move into the property, which would normally take at least a month to construct.

Thanks to its concrete foundations, the home will have lower heating and cooling bills (concrete is a great insulator) and will have some protection against tornadoes and hurricanes.

It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and April now has her own personal 3D printer that will allow her to reprint everything from door knobs to outlets.

The home is thanks to charity Habitat for Humanity, in partnership with 3D-printing company Alquist.

April has a low income as a worker at a local hotel, and struggled to save up enough to get on the property ladder.

The project offered her a mortgage with repayments of no more than 30% of her income, and puts money back into the community to build more affordable homes around the country.

This the charity’s first 3D-printed home – crafted in a cooperative effort between volunteers, house sponsors, and buyers – but they expect to launch a second in Tempe, Arizona, in February.

Take a look around inside April’s home and at the building process ahead:

Volunteers helped to bring the house together (Picture: Consociate Media / SWNS)
3D-printed liquid concrete formed the foundation (Picture: Consociate Media / SWNS)
Just 12 hours later, the home was constructed (Picture: Consociate Media / SWNS)
April now has her own 3D printer for items like door knobs (Picture: Consociate Media / SWNS)
Habitat for Humanity decked out the interiors (Picture: Consociate Media / SWNS)
April and her 13-year-old son are now able to afford their very own home (Picture: Consociate Media / SWNS)
Habitat for Humanity also sorted April out with an affordable mortgage (Picture: Consociate Media / SWNS)
Could this be the future of affordable housing? (Picture: Consociate Media / SWNS)

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