Sydney train delays trigger chaos across the city and commuter rage

A train needing mechanical repairs at Sydney’s Town Hall station has caused chaos, sparking long delays across the city and triggering an outpouring of frustration on social media.

The train on the T1 North Shore Line needed mechanical repairs at Town Hall early on Friday morning, stopping trains from travelling between the CBD and North Sydney. Delays were still continuing more than six hours later.

Social media erupted with complaints, with videos showing long lines of commuters waiting for replacement buses.

dusk and dawn child

#sydneytrains I guess I live between Macdonaldtown and Redfern now. Who would like to join me in creating a new society of Mad Max-esque train dwellers

August 22, 2019


Been on #sydneytrains so long this morning we’ve formed a dystopian society. #snowpiercer

August 22, 2019


#sydneytrains No one’s getting on! Trains full four hours after a breakdown. Newcastle intercity turned into an all station

August 22, 2019

At Wynyard Station, police were on hand to direct the crowds.

“How does one broke down train bring the whole transport to its knees. Thank you for such a wonderful start to our Fridays!” Twitter user Vin R posted.

“No trains running over the bridge right now, the announcer at Wynyard suggested we walk over the Harbour Bridge to North Sydney as the buses were too busy,” user Sam McCosh posted.

Sydney Trains said a hatch on top of the train at Town Hall had come loose near overhead wiring and needed to be repaired.

🍂❄️🐕Patrick Lenton🌚🍁🌬

So everyone has been kicked out of Newtown station, and this is the current line for buses into the city, lol #sydneytrains

August 22, 2019


Apparently I’m never getting off this train #SydneyTrains

August 22, 2019

Jess Davis

It’s not the breakdown itself that is infuriating because I get it – things break down. The infuriating thing is that every time something breaks down, it’s like it’s an unprecedented and isolated event that #sydneytrains hasn’t factored in a contingency plan for. GET 👏🏻 GOOD

August 22, 2019


Just (literally) chilling on the platform for all the (cancelled) trains. #sydneytrains

August 22, 2019

“Investigations into the cause are ongoing, however it appears there was damage to the hatch which may indicate the train hit an object before arriving at Town Hall station,” a spokesman said in a statement.

“For safety reasons, the train could not be moved until the hatch was secured which required power to be isolated from the specific section of track. This is a lengthy process and not like flicking a switch, and our electrical and repair crews worked hard to do this quickly and safely.”

Delays were still continuing at midday, with commuters reporting being stuck on immobile trains between stations and Uber prices surging in some locations as commuters looked for alternative means of transport.


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