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Super Flower Blood Moon rises – but clouds spoil view for some

A full moon, the second and last super moon this year, called the ‘Flower Moon,’ rises over the castle in Skopje in the Republic of North Macedonia (Credits: EPA)

The Super Flower Blood Moon lit up the night sky over the UK last night, but not everyone got the best view.

The supermoon, which is larger and brighter than a regular full moon, was partially obscured by cloud cover for many across the country.

The May full moon, which is known as the Flower Moon, coincided with the satellite being at the closest point to Earth during its orbit.

This made it appear larger and brighter than 2021’s only other supermoon back in April.

During the celestial event, the moon usually appears around 14% bigger and 30% brighter but large parts of the UK appeared to have a cloudy night going into Wednesday.

The Flower Moon partially blocked by clouds over Stonehenge in Wiltshire. (Credits: PA)

May’s supermoon also coincides with a lunar eclipse which will see the moon turn red, but that will only be visible in parts of South America, Australia and south-east Asia.

This marks it out as a Blood Moon, due to the crimson shade caused by dust particles in the atmosphere.

If there is a particularly high amount of dust in the atmosphere, the higher frequency blue waves will be blocked, allowing through the lower frequency ‘red’ coloured light waves.

So the super blood moon’s appearance can range from a deep, fiery red to its regular grey self.

Although the supermoon was also a Blood Moon, it didn’t appear red for many. Here it is rising over a mosque in the Gulf emirate of Dubai (AFP)

This week’s Blood Moon will be the last one in 2021 as there won’t be another total lunar eclipse until May 15 and 16 next year.

There is going to be a partial lunar eclipse in November, but that won’t have the same dramatic effect as a full Blood Moon.

Even though the view of the Super Flower Blood Moon was compromised, we’ve still seen some spectacular shots emerge as photographers got outside to capture the spectacle.

The Flower Moon rises above One Vanderbilt as the sun sets in New York City (Getty)
A man looks through binoculars at the full moon in North Macedonia (Credits: EPA)
Clouds also ruined the view over in Los Angeles (Ringo Chiu/ZUMA Wire/Shutterstock)
The Flower Moon above midtown Manhattan in New York City (Gary Hershorn)

Spectacular ‘Super Flower Blood Moon’ to appear over the UK this week

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