Sunday with Simon Reeve: ‘I bought a robot vacuum cleaner in early lockdown’

Lie-in or early to rise? Lie-in by desire, but early to rise through lack of choice. Our two dogs and nine-year-old are clacking, quacking and barking by 7.30am, so I’ll put in earplugs and ignore that people need food.

Sunday adventure? We live in Dartmoor, so we’re spoilt for choice for hillsides, babbling books and streams. We don’t have big cats; just werewolves, escaped prisoners and ghosts.

Sunday breakfast? We get farm eggs from our neighbour. I’m keen on baked eggs over tomatoes and ’nduja sausage. It’s easy to scale up for a group.

Sunday chums? My wife says if you can afford somewhere in the country, you can afford to have people to stay. She’s half Danish and our record is 19 Danes. My God, they can get through food.

Sunday reading? I’m usually reading David Walliams to my son. We’re also working through The Hobbit. I read it when I was a kid, so I’m forcing it on him as well.

Sunday housework? I went slightly mad in early lockdown and bought a robot vacuum cleaner. It’s bloody brilliant. Even when you think you’ve cleaned, it picks up a belly-full of dust.

Sunday grub? Before corona, we’d go to a pub. People think you can only get a decent Ethiopian dish or some solid Greek food in city centres. Guys, we can get it in the middle of nowhere.

Sunday evening? Late-night football helped keep us sane during lockdown. One game went 46-46. We’ve enjoyed Ghosts and Would I Lie To You? I don’t even know how to work the TV any more. There are so many buttons. My lad hides the remotes, so I’ve given up trying to decide

Sunday glamour? To make sure my son isn’t as prissy as I was, I’ve forced him to help with recycling. Now he loves it. If Devon council issue an award for the finest recycling into appropriate boxes, my lad would win.

Incredible Journeys with Simon Reeve is on BBC2 at 8pm


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