Sunday with John Barrowman: ‘We have a cocktail or two at 5pm in the pool’

What’s a regular Sunday morning? I’m up at 8 or 9am; my husband Scott will still be sleeping. I open the sliding doors to the garden and have a coffee with the dogs. After an hour I’ll wake Scott up. Sometimes I like to put my face in the space between his shoulders and his neck, and breathe in its familiar smell.

Fresh air? We’ve got a 10,000ft mountain at the back of the garden here in Palm Springs, so if we go for a stroll it’s not for nature. We prefer to walk the streets to look at property and go to open houses. I love poking around other people’s homes.

Your signature dish? Sundays are for bacon, always greasy, so brunch is either at John’s Restaurant when we’re here, or at a branch of Denny’s. Scott always has a coupon.

Do you work? Two weekends a month I’m away at a fan convention: France, Asia, Italy, Scotland. Last week it was Rhode Island. I’d definitely like to be at home more, but I’m not complaining. Meeting the people who’ve given me success is a pleasure.

Do you shop? One Sunday I arrived home in a car I was test driving to see if Scott liked it. He said it was an old man’s car. I took it back and turned up in another. ‘It’s sporty and fun,’ he said, ‘now take it back.’ It was too late, I’d already bought it.

How were Sundays spent growing up? At Gran Barrowman’s council flat in Glasgow with sandwiches and matchbox cards on her swirly carpet. She’d make a Victoria sponge every week without fail. I’m still trying to hunt down the family recipe.

Do you have an evening routine? A cocktail or two at 5pm in the pool – that’s my daily exercise. Then we watch a movie. I’m at an age where I prefer to be sprawled out on the sofa with my husband scratching my feet than anywhere else.

John Barrowman releases A Fabulous Christmas on 29 November on Decca Records.


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