Summerford is Silent Hill meets 1986 rural England

Fancy an old-school Silent Hill-type game set in 1986 rural England? Summerford has your back.

Summerford, from the wonderfully-named Noisy Valley Studios, is inspired by the “golden age” of survival horror, and classics such as the original Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark.

It’s a third-person action adventure game that revolves around exploration, puzzle-solving and planning to survive. You play as Sam, an urban explorer in her late 20s who gets seperated from her friends. The creepy trailer is below:

The developer took to reddit to discuss the work, saying that while Summerford is inspired by the horror classics, it modernises some of the more archaic elements, such as controls and user interface.

Noisy Valley Studios is a three-person team of family developers who all grew up in “a middle of nowhere rural location in Kent”. Summerford, however, is inspired by places such as the Isle of Wight and the Cotswolds, alongside more local areas.

“We’re trying to create an English village that feels real, so while Summerford was a reasonably pretty area in the past, we’re trying to develop something less like the classically beautiful English villages you see in most media and make something a bit more real,” Wayward1 said.

“That is to say, it has less world heritage sites and more fish and chip shops.

“We don’t want to give too much away but story right now, but we’re bucking the trends slightly in that we’ll be going for a more classic horror story rather than deeply psychological – think closer to Silent Hill 1 and Resident Evil than say, Silent Hill 2, albeit less camp than the traditional nineties storytelling.”

Summerford has a Steam page here, and it’s due out later in 2020. Certainly one to watch.


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