Student pleads with bagpiper to ‘take day off’ after eight days of playing

The instrument appears to be the man’s newfound hobby from lockdown (Picture: Twitter)

A ‘struggling’ student begged a bagpipe player to stop because it’s harming her concentration.

Year 12 student Lily Plummer wrote a formal note to the unidentified musician about his incessant playing in Sydney.

The exasperated pupil said she’s listened to his music for eight straight days and asked him to ‘consider taking a day off every now and then’.

She wrote: ‘Dear bagpiper,

‘I understand lockdown is hard and we all need a creative outlet.

‘However, it’s been eight days and I’m not sure how much more bagpiping I can take.

‘Please consider taking a day off every now and then, it would be greatly appreciated.

‘Sincerely, a struggling Year 12 student.’

Lily’s note begging the man to stop playing so she could study in peace (Picture: Twitter)
The piper continued his playing regardless (Picture: Twitter)

Lily accompanied the note with a colourful drawing of a bagpipe to make sure there was no confusion as to who the letter was addressing.

She added: ‘If you play this instrument, this note is for you.’

The student is in Australia’s equivalent of high school in the UK when pupils sit their A-levels.

She stuck the note to a fence in Petersham Park which appears to be the piper’s favourite playing spot.

Studies show bagpipes produce noise levels of between 90 and 110 decibels, which is typically louder than a car but quieter than a plane’s engine.

Unfortunately, it looks like Lily’s plea has fallen on deaf ears.

She posted a photo of the bagpiper back in full flow with the caption: ‘Update, the note didn’t work.’

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