Stroke diet – the six dietary changes to reduce your risk of a stroke

Less fat and sugar

We all need small amounts of fat and sugar in our diets, but too much can lead to weight problems which increase your risk of a stroke.

The Stroke Association warned: “Food that has been fried in butter, oil or ghee will contain high amounts of fat.

“Use vegetable, nut and olive-based oils instead.

“Processed meats, full-fat cheese and manufactured cakes and biscuits all contain a lot of saturated fat, so try to limit the amount of these in your diet.

“The high levels of sugar in many soft drinks, ready meals and fast food can all add up to weight gain.

“Eating more homemade meals and snacks can help cut the sugar in your diet.”

No frying

The way you cook your food is just as important as what you eat.

Steaming, boiling and grilling are all healthier than frying, so try to use these methods as much as possible.

Frying adds extra fat, so fried foods should be enjoyed as occasional treats rather than as a regular part of your diet.


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