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What an interesting choice of words for the caption to the photo of Theresa May’s visit to Nelson Mandela’s cell on Robben Island (29 August). I thought that, as a prisoner, Mandela was incarcerated rather than housed. The latter is the responsibility of the local council and/or housing association, rather than that of the police/judicial system.
David Collins
Kidderminster, Worcestershire

Mark Wilson of Aston Martin says the company is “British to our core” (Cool as Bond, 30 August). Well, yes, except that the main shareholders are based in Italy and Kuwait and two-thirds of parts are imported from Europe. Oh, and there’s a Merc engine under the bonnet.
Mike Jones

Ah, my dear old Moskvich (Letters, 28 August): £760 brand new, built like a tank (once went through a five-foot hedge and could still drive it away) and I think the only car that came with a snow shovel as standard. Served me well until it went up in flames because the exhaust pipe went over the rear axle and kept hitting the chassis.
Ken Ducker
Yorkley, Gloucestershire

Isabella Stone (Letters, 29 August) does so well with her BLT but ruins it at the last minute with the inclusion of mayo. I’d much rather have generously buttered toast.
William Bartram
Twickenham, Middlesex

As a serious amateur deliverer of political leaflets, I have found the black/grey stretchy gloves (described as women’s) from Poundland a useful defence against dogs and vicious letterboxes (Dogs v posties, G2, 30 August).
Geoff Reid

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