Stress and low mood: Seasonal affective disorder can heighten symptoms – tips to help

Health and Wellbeing Expert Stephanie Taylor spoke about the importance of when to wake up which can have a major effect on your overall mood.

“During the winter months, early morning starts can be a struggle,” she began.

That’s because the body produces more melatonin (the sleep hormone) when it’s dark, so during the early hours there’s a lack of light to suppress and stop its production, resulting in a sluggish start.

“Set yourself goals, opting to wake up during REM sleep or one minute earlier each day – slowly lowering your alarm time will make it easier for your body to adjust.

“Also consider buying a wake-up light to help ease the morning struggle.

“The soft white LED light can help tackle the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder by creating the perfect light intensity, triggering a chemical change in the brain responsible for lifting your mood.”


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