Strangers buy lonely pensioner three months worth of drinks at his favourite pub

This video shows the heartwarming moment an elderly man was told that strangers had chipped in to buy him a glass of wine for lunch for the next 90 days.

The man, named Pete, is a regular at the Moulsham Inn in Chelmsford, Essex and turns up each and every day – and orders a hunters chicken and a single glass of wine.

The landlord decided to get to know Pete and soon learned that he lived alone, and had done since his wife died and that he’d visit the pub so he could get out the house.

Then, the landlord decided to share Pete’s story on TikTok and invite his 59,600 followers to buy Pete a drink – and soon generous donations came rolling in.

The man, named Pete
Pete couldn’t believe that so many strangers had chipped in to buy him a glass of wine

Sharing the news on TikTok, the landlord says to Pete: “I don’t know if you remember, you were in yesterday with Mark and we were explaining that I’ve been making some films recently and I put the video of you online and people have asked how they could buy you a drink.

“It went a bit crazy and lots of people have on their phones being buying you drinks and do you want to know how many glasses of wine you’ve had bought for you in the last two days? 90.

“People online have already paid. People have paid, and you’re in every day, you have a glass of wine every day, and people have been buying you lunch as well – so your hunters chicken has been paid for as well for the next two weeks at least.”

The landlord uses the TikTok handle @the_pub_man and over the past few weeks, he has uploaded several videos about Pete, with the reveal getting nearly 55,000 views and 443 comments.

One user said: “Pete is a legend.”

Another added: “I knew this would be amazing but I’m sat here sobbing.”

While another wrote: “I’ve ordered him a dinner and drink, not sure if right wine, but ordered his hunters chicken and a drink.”

At the end of the video, Pete turns to the landlord, after making sure he wont personally be out of pocket, and says: “I’m indebted to you, I love this place.”

A previous video uploaded onto the landlords page shares Pete’s backstory, and has been viewed 32,000 times, in which the landlord explains that Pete’s wife has sadly passed away.

In it, Pete says: “I was married the last two months of my army life at St Johns Church up the hill.

“I got married there, and I came out walking down the park and her father stood at the main entrance and he said ‘that’s my daughter, you look after her’ he sort of said it in a threatening way and I thought bloody hell. We had a honeymoon in Bournemouth.”

In another video, Pete is asked what he likes about the pub, and he says: “The food is great, I love the scenery, and look at the place. I mean look at you – you’re the manager, the big boss, and here you are sitting here talking to me. That means millions to me. I come here every day, if I’m not here I’m in a wooden box.”


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