Stomach bloating – eat more of this ‘superfood’ to prevent trapped wind

Most people have suffered from stomach bloating at some point in their life, according to the NHS.

It’s usually caused by eating too much food after a big weekend, swallowing too much air, or even by eating gaseous foods.

Making some small dietary changes could lower the risk of stomach bloating from returning.

Eating more bee pollen is a great way to prevent bloating, said nutritionist Maeve Madden.

The “superfood” helps with digestion and intestinal function, she added.

Bee pollen is also one of nature’s best stress-relievers, said Madden.

Just a teaspoon a day of bee pollen is enough to ward off a swollen belly.

“Bee pollen contains enormous amounts of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids,” said Madden in her book ‘Beat Your Bloat’.

“It helps to nourish every cell in your body, aiding digestion, increasing your metabolism, regulating bowel and intestinal function, boosting and strengthening your body and its nervous system.

“This makes bee pollen one of nature’s best stress relievers.

“A little does go a long way, so we only need to add one teaspoon of nature’s gold to our daily routine.”

Spirulina is another great superfood for people that often feel bloated, she added.

It stimulates the growth of good bacteria in the gut.

Adding more spirulina to your diet could boost the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, while aiding the digestion of fats and proteins.

Try adding spirulina powder to smoothies or porridge, Madden added.

You could also prevent bloating from coming back by eating meals during daylight hours, it’s been claimed.

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The digestive system is more active when it’s light outside, which could stop stomach bloating symptoms.

Bloating could be caused by eating too much food, or by swallowing air, said the NHS.

Skipping meals, or talking with your mouth full, could aggravate your bloating pain.

Speak to a GP if bloating symptoms don’t disappear. Persistently feeling full could be a warning sign of ovarian cancer in women.


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