Still Game actor Sanjeev Kohl comes to rescue of fans who can't get hold of Irn Bru 

Still Game actor Sanjeev Kohl, who played shopkeeper Navid, has come to the rescue of fans who can’t get hold of Irn Bru.

Sanjeev reckons he can still get access to some old stock of Barr’s pineapple aid, which he seems to think is the next best thing.

In a funny post on Twitter, Sanjeev responded to the current fuel crisis, which is stopping lorries of Irn Bru getting through to the shops, creating more panic buying.

He said: “If you’re struggling to get Irn Bru, I’ve got a few bottles of these I can sell you.”

He posted a picture of Barr’s famous pineapple aid – which isn’t exactly a replacement for the famed orange liquid we all love.

It got fans thinking though and one said: “Are we privvy to navids private stock of mother pride?”

Another said: “In the shop yeah ? You still trading in Craiglang son ?”

And someone else added: “Hope Meena knows your flogging her stock off.”

While someone suggested: “If it had been red kola or cream soda then mebbes aye but no that stuff.”


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