Steve Cropley: A fond farewell to Lotus' grand tourer


With annoying speed, the car events season is ending, even if a few of this year’s motorsport fixtures are stretching further into the gloom than usual, because the first few months of 2021 were so difficult. My usual regrets about shortening days are leavened by the multiple reminders that start dropping through the letterbox at times like these, reminding me to rejoin my usual car clubs and motoring organisations and promising new and better next year. My usual half-dozen memberships has expanded to seven, because I’ve just become a proud premium member at the British Motor Museum, newly offered.

It’s also time for us at Autocar to come over all commercial and encourage you to buy a Christmas subscription for someone you really care about who loves cars. There’s an enticing deal just announced; details here.


Part of the joy of watching this year’s mighty Formula 1 drama unfold has been seeing Williams succeed on the track beyond all reasonable expectation. 

Away from it, CEO Jost Capito has rocked the F1 world with his announcement of a plan for the team to become climate positive by 2030. Who knew that was even possible? I grabbed a few words with Capito away from the swirling reporters and cameras. How on earth can you make such a bold claim without knowing the future formula, I asked – but he was adamant that no matter what powers F1 cars come 2030, Williams will be able to remove more carbon than it creates. This isn’t just a nice story, he declared, but a duty. F1’s progress is followed by hundreds of millions, he said, and it can do much to change the behaviour and priorities for the masses.

It will be interesting to see how and how quickly F1’s authorities and the other big grand prix teams respond to the initiative.


Have you ever owned, driven or perhaps even fought a war in a Daimler Dingo armoured car? It’s a venerable 50mph cross-country vehicle about the size of a modern Mini that was road tested by this magazine in 1943. This request for information has been posed by Kevin Bennett, editor at the Daimler and Lanchester Owners’ club, who is writing a book on the subject. If you have anything you think he could use, please contact me and I will put you in touch.


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