Starwatch: a young crescent moon to watch out for


Towards the end of the week and moving into the weekend, look out for a young crescent moon in the western sky just after sunset. Having passed directly in front of the sun on 2 July to create a total solar eclipse visible from parts of South America, the moon will then become visible in the evening sky.

Although experts with a clear western horizon and a very keen set of eyes may catch it on 3 July, the rest of us stand more of a chance later in the week. By the weekend, the moon will have moved further from the sun and so will remain in the sky for longer after sunset. The chart shows the position at 22.30 BST on 6 July 2019. The moon will be unmistakeable, sitting below the body of Leo, and with 22% of its surface illuminated. The night before, the moon will be situated close to the red star Regulus. This is the brightest star in the constellation and marks Leo’s front paws.


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