Starbucks is doing a vampire frappuccino for Halloween 2020

IF you’re keen to get into the Halloween spirit you might want to get your fangs stuck into Starbucks’ new vampire frappuccino.

The coffee chain has teased the concoction to blood thirsty fans on its social media channels this week saying you need to “feast on it before it disappears” like a bat in the night.

Get your fangs stuck into Starbucks' limited edition chocolate and strawberry vampire frappuccino


Get your fangs stuck into Starbucks’ limited edition chocolate and strawberry vampire frappuccino

It launched in stores on October 26 and will be available until fright night itself on Saturday October 31.

But fear not, as the sweet treat isn’t as ghoulish as it sounds.

It sees a cream-based chocolate iced drink blended with strawberry sauce. On top sits whipped cream with further lashings of strawberry syrup.

You can get the devilish treat in store in all of Starbucks’ usual sizes with the smallest size (mini) starting from £3.30, although bear in mind prices vary by location.

For those who don’t want to leave the comfort of their home you can also order the limited edition drink via Uber Eats.

This will cost more though – when The Sun checked a London address the drink started from £4.75 for a tall, rising to £5.05 for grande, and £5.25 for venti. Delivery cost £1.29 on top, although this can vary by location.

Served with whole milk as standard the mini contains 215 calories. An adult man can consume 2,500 calories a day while it’s 2,000 for a woman, according to NHS guidelines.

We’ve asked Starbucks how the vampire frappuccino compares on price and calories to its usual iced drinks but other flavoured frappucinos also started from £4.75 on Uber Eats.

One fan who’s already got their hands on the fangtastic drink commented: “Such a nice drink. Ordered one this morning and kind of tastes like a Quality Street – the strawberry one.”

But someone else added: “Had one today – didn’t look anything like the photo.”

When the Halloween-inspired iced treat was sold in 2017 it cost a cheaper £2.70.

But others have called for the return of Starbucks’ phantom frappuccino instead, which tasted of mango and lime and cost from £2.70 last Halloween.

Use Starbucks’ store finder tool to find your nearest branch.

Starbucks’ coveted pumpkin spice latte is also currently back in shops for autumn.

Meanwhile, Costa has revealed its Christmas menu and it includes Quality Street latte and After Eight hot chocolate.

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