Star Wars-based Online Game is a Blast for Science Fiction Fans

Star Wars-based Online Game is a Blast for Science Fiction Fans

The phenomenon of Star Wars has left an indelible mark on pop cultures across generations. From the late 70s till now, this epic space opera has amazed and entertained audiences all over the world. Therefore, it is no wonder that anything associated with it registers an impact with science fiction fans.

Recently, I came across the Star Wars-based, top-down shooting survival game called Star Wars Rogue One Boots on the Ground. The game allows players to take control of a squad of three crack troopers battling against the Stormtroopers and imperial forces. The game is playable in two modes: the survival mode and the missions mode. The survival mode, set on planet Jedha, is playable on a gigantic map where the players complete a number of consecutive mini-missions until the squad dies out. In the missions mode, players are able to create their own squads and complete fixed levels set on planets Scarif and Jedha. However, the missions mode is now inactive.

The gameplay is very simple and easy to master. The game begins with a tutorial mini-mission to help the players acclimatize to the gameplay. Guiding the squad, shooting enemies, and using the special attack abilities, all can be done by pointing the mouse and a left-click. There is also a compass, in the lower right corner, which is used to view the squad’s current position and the overall map. There is no need to download or wait long for the game to load. The high scores are stored automatically in the players’ local web browser.

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The mantra to success in the game is to maneuver the squad using stealth, guile, and tactics to ambush enemies and catch them off guard. It is absolutely vital to keep the team alive as their collective firepower makes it very easy to pick off enemy troopers and destroy targets. Losing a squad member also means the loss of one special attack ability. Therefore, using health resources efficiently is crucial. In addition, using cover to isolate enemies and using the special attack abilities while encountering several enemies pays off big time.

I really enjoyed playing the game for several reasons. Foremost, the game banks on the nostalgic appeal of the Star Wars saga by transporting players to its trademark environment. The engaging roleplay, easy gameplay, and replayability really make it a fun experience. Visually, the game is consistent and stays true to the film franchise in terms of characters, worlds, weapons, and the overall feel of the game. Perhaps the only weak link in the game is its low level of difficulty and enemy AI. The game, at times, feels way too easy which could be off-putting for some players.

Overall, Star Wars Rogue One Boots on the Ground is a blast for science fiction fans. From a casual gamer’s perspective, this game is ideal for ‘switching off’ from the stressful routine for a while and enjoy themselves. The game carries tremendous appeal for the die-hard Star Wars fans as it offers an action-packed, engaging, and simple way of becoming a part of their beloved rebel alliance, assuming roles, and fighting the imperial forces.

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