Spike in personal trainer bookings as Love Island makes us all more insecure

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For thousands of us summer means one thing – Love Island.

Weeks upon weeks of watching scantily-clad young beauties frolicking in the sunshine. But how does staring at ‘perfect’ bodies every night impact our mental health?

One study suggests that it might be making us all feel more insecure – and could be having a direct impact on our body image.

A snap poll, conducted by professional marketplace Bidvine, revealed that four in five feel insecure when they watch the reality show. One in eight respondents said they had looked up plastic surgery costs whilst watching the show.

73% said that they felt insecure about their body and 55% said the same about their face.

Fans of the programme were given a list of services and asked if they had looked up the cost of any of them whilst watching. It was found that 53% had looked up personal training costs and 47% had searched for nutritionist costs.

‘Seeing chiseled bodies on Love Island and the summer months approaching, it is amazing to see how many people are seeking out fitness professionals,’ said Russ Morgan, Co-Founder of Bidvine.

Is the pressure to look ‘perfect’ too much? (Pictures: Getty/REX)

‘While pursuing a healthy lifestyle is important, it’s equally important that it’s done for the right reasons.

‘Don’t let a television show dictate how people “should” look and don’t work toward that unrealistic standard. Instead, pursue a healthy lifestyle and be confident in knowing that everyone is beautiful.’

The study also found that since the show began on the 3rd June, there has been a 38% increase in personal training bookings through the professional marketplace and a 22% increase in nutritionist bookings.

Deciding to get fit and healthy is natural as summer approaches – but take care of your mental health and be aware of how damaging feelings of insecurity can be.

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