The chastisement came after the Prime Minister said of Sir Keir: “He makes various attacks on my leadership and the handling of the ministerial code.

“I’d take them a lot more seriously, frankly, Mr Speaker, if the Leader of the Opposition could explain whether or why the right honourable member for Islington North (Jeremy Corbyn) is still a member of the Labour Party.

“Does he support the right honourable member for Islington North’s membership of the Labour Party, yes or no, why doesn’t he answer that question?”

Following Sir Lindsay’s interjection, Mr Johnson defended his question, describing it as “reasonable”.

But the Speaker swiftly reminded him that it was his job, not the PM’s, to decide what constitutes a reasonable question in the Commons.

Prompting laughter from MPs inside the Commons, the Speaker joked: “Thankfully we’ve got the sound… we don’t want to lose it.”

The Prime Minister then finished the brief spat by shouting: “It was your end last time, by the way.”

<p>Sir Keir locked horns with the PM at today’s session in the Commons</p>

Sir Keir locked horns with the PM at today’s session in the Commons

/ PA )

A straight-faced Sir Keir accused the Prime Minister of “running away” from the “problems” occurring from within the Government.

Mr Johnson shouted down the camera “oh yeah” five times in response.

It is not the first time the Prime Minister has been admonished by Sir Lindsay in the Commons.

In September, Mr Johnson was warned not to treat Parliament with “contempt” over the Government’s response to Covid-19 legislation.



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