Someone built an exact replica of The Simpsons’ house and raffled it off

Look familiar? (Picture: Kaufman and Broad Home Construction)

The home where The Simpsons live in iconic.

742 Evergreen Terrace is full of bright colours and keepsakes (albeit in cartoon form), and has played host to all sorts of capers since the show first began decades ago.

If you’d love to live in Homer and Co’s house, you might think you’d need to switch to some sort of 2D dimension. However, this person’s replica proves it’s possible right here in the real world.

Back in 1997 – probably about the peak of Simpsons fever – a life-size exact copy of the fiction family’s home was built.

It looks exactly like the one in the show, and is situated in Nevada.

Even the curtains match (Picture: Kaufman and Broad Home Construction)

The house was built by Kaufman and Broad homebuilders as part of a competition with Pepsi and Fox.

All in all, it cost around $120,000 (£88,000) to build not including the land, which is fairly inexpensive compared to other unique construction projects.

Where Maggie watches her family get up to mischief (Picture: Kaufman and Broad Home Construction)

Builders watched over 100 episode of the hit show, taking notes about what each room in the Evergreen Terrace house looked like, and noting down anything specific.

This even has Bart’s infamous treehouse in the garden, as well as four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and the signature bay windows and driveway.

A retro dream (Picture: Kaufman and Broad Home Construction)

The attention to detail in the project is astounding. Builders even made replica Duff beer cans and a fake peanut butter and jelly sandwich under Bart’s bed.

Once it was built, the property was raffled off and won by retired factory worker Barbara Howard.

Behold the wonky boat picture (Picture: Kaufman and Broad Home Construction)

However, as Barbara and her family lived miles away on her family farm in Richmond, Kentucky, she ultimately opted to take the $75,000 cash alternative instead.

She told the LA Times back then: ‘Honey, I’d give my eyeteeth to pick up and move there, but my family being in the shape it’s in, I can’t.’

Sadly, the unique home wasn’t kept like The Simpsons would have wanted. After Barbara took the cash alternative, it was put back to its original state to match the other houses nearby.

However, it’s a great piece of inspiration. If you truly want a life straight out of the television, you can make that happen.

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