Some monster caught a cockroach and executed it on a home-made mini electric chair

(Picture: ViralPress)

A cockroach has been put to death by an artist who created a tiny electric chair for the occasion.

Sculptor Gabriel Tuazon executed the poor bug after it flew in through a window of his home in Pasig, Philippians, yesterday morning.

And rather than just taking it back outside, Gabriel spent two hours rigging up a tiny wooden chair which he connected to some battery wires and a light bulb.

He then strapped the roach down with a metal lid on its head before filming himself flick the switch that sent a current through the insect’s body and eventually fried it from the inside.

Unsurprisingly, people aren’t happy about Gabriel’s performance.

(Picture: ViralPress)

The artist was slammed online for the stunt which many felt was a case of animal cruelty.

‘How can anybody think that this is acceptable,’ wrote one person.

‘This is animal cruelty and it should not be allowed.’

Josef Dasco said: ‘We’re so cruel to other animals. Good thing we turned out to be humans. But what if we became the cockroaches?’

Others branded the work as ‘disgusting’ and accused Gabriel of ‘torturing’ the little animal.

(Picture: ViralPress)

But Gabriel is unrepentant about the execution and is keen to point out that the chair was made from ‘recycled plywood’.

He says: ‘I opened my window because it was hot and the cockroach came in. He wasn’t supposed to come inside.

‘It all started when a cockroach entered my room. I was supposed to hit it with an object but felt gross at the idea because I might dirty my working table.

‘I trapped it alive using a plastic. And so the ideas came pouring in.’

(Picture: ViralPress)

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