Solo love is only way to have safe sex in Covid pandemic, says explicit government guide

SOLO sexual activities are the only safe way to have sex during the coronavirus pandemic, explicit government guidance has revealed.

Experts suggest “mutual masturbation” and the use of face masks when engaging in bedroom activities with a sexual partner.

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Experts have said that the only safe way to have sex is to get it alone during the coronavirus lockdown


Experts have said that the only safe way to have sex is to get it alone during the coronavirus lockdown Credit: Getty – Contributor

The advice was issued by the state government in New South Wales, Australia.

Published on the “Play Safe” portal, people are urged to take extra precautions and have been told to avoid kissing.

It states you should “minimise” your sexual partners but added that sex with someone you live with is “probably ok”.

The guidance also states that the only “truly safe” method of sex during this time is to go it alone.

It states: “Sadly, sex with someone outside of your household or bubble still carries risk and is not recommended due to the 1.5 metre physical distancing in place.”

The Play Safe portal includes information on how you should have sex during the coronavirus pandemic and information on other topics such as sexually transmitted diseases.

Chief health officer Kerry Chant said New South Wales Health said advice on sex had been “tailored” since the start of the pandemic.

You can only have sex if you already live with your partner or if you have made the decision to be in a support bubble with each other


You can only have sex if you already live with your partner or if you have made the decision to be in a support bubble with each other Credit: Getty Images – Getty

She added: “We‘ve incorporated Covid advice within the context about STIs … advice for young people.

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“I‘m very proud of the work that we’ve done with our partner agencies, and our young people network to inform some of the content on that website”, she told The Daily Telegraph in Sydney.

Guidance in New South Wales currently states that all indoor premises are restricted to one person per four square metres.

However restrictions here mean that weddings of 100 people can take place, subject to the four square metre rule.


In the UK a national lockdown means that you can’t meet anyone indoors who isn’t part of your household, or who isn’t in your social bubble.

Charities in the UK have previously published advice on how to safely have sex during the pandemic and some agree that going solo is the safest way to have intercourse during periods of national lockdowns.

The Terrence Higgins Trust advised that you should chose sexual positions that weren’t face to face.

They stated: “Your best sexual partner during the Covid-19 pandemic is yourself or someone within your household and you should follow the government guidelines about social distancing, hand washing and face coverings.”

The coronavirus can be passed through saliva so if you’re kissing your partner and have the virus it could be passed on.


A previous study revealed that men could still transmit the bug to their partner through sex, as it was shown that some who had recovered still had coronavirus in their semen.

Researchers in China analysed samples from 38 men who had contracted Covid-19 – 23 of whom had recovered – with tests revealing that six of them had the infection in their sperm, including two that had gotten over the illness.

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Meanwhile, sex with new people is still advised against at this time  – with travelling to meet sexual partners against the government’s lockdown advice.

You can have sex with the person who have made part of your support bubble.

When you make a support bubble with someone you can class yourselves as being from the same household.

Guidance from the UK government states: “You can have close contact with the other household in your bubble as if they were members of your own household.

“This means you do not need to maintain social distance with people in your support bubble.”

Experts have also warned that several people who have the virus may not show any symptoms and could easily spread it to others.

Additionally, the general advice is for people to stay at home as much as possible, only going out for essentials such as groceries and medication.

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