So it turns out men have a bigger fear of ‘outfit repeating’ than women

Just when you thought the insatiable appetite for a good Instagram snap couldn’t get any worse, it turns out that there is a rise in the number of people buying outfits to take a picture for their Instagram feed only to return the item to the store the next day.

In fact, almost one in ten shoppers (9%) have admitted that they do so.

Surprised? Just you wait.

In a study by Barclaycard of over 2,000 adults, it turns out that the 35-44 age bracket are the biggest offenders with nearly one in five (17%) revealing that they’ve bought clothes to wear just once purely for the hashtag moment before returning.

Something that may surprise you even more, is that it is in fact men who are more afraid of outfit repeating, with 10% admitting that they’d be embarrassed if a friend saw them in the same outfit twice, compared to 7% of women.

Compared to just 11% of women, 15% of men admit to keeping their tags on their clothes while wearing them so that they have the option to return them.

And while they may not be keeping their purchases, men in fact spent more money than women on new clothes – splurging an average of £114 a month totalling £300 more a year per person than their female counterparts.

And yet we’re the ones with the clichéd ‘shopaholic’ reputations? Puh-lease.

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