Sneak Peek Amsterdenim x Tattoo Joris for Spring/Summer 2022

For Spring / Summer 2022 Amsterdenim teamed up with local craftsmen Tattoo Joris and
Milosj De Groot from Madspecials. This compact collection involves a lot of handwork and
traditional craftwork by local artists.

Three main themes in this tattoo art collection are “Femme Fatale” inspired by strong women
as portraied in Quentin Tarantino movies, “Tijger” referring to 2022 the year of the Tiger and
“Sailing Home” which again connect with the rich nautical history of the city of Amsterdam.
All designs are original artworks drawn by hand. All artworks are screen printed by hand,
using up to 32 screens per t-shirt as each artwork consists of 8 different layers of paint. This
process can be seen on Instagram @amsterdenim and via #amsterdenimss22

Buy Less, Buy Better and Support Local Businesses are what this collaboration is all about.
Amsterdenim wants to show just how much work and effort goes into these styles, using
traditional methods rather than digital prints of “borrowed” artworks. Icing on the cake are a
limited edition series of bomber jackets where the designs are embroidered by ZigZag
Borduurservice, also in Amsterdam. The tiger artwork takes over 6 hours of embroidering
over 160.000 stitches!

Read more about Amsterdenim on the brandpage:


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