SMMT calls for 'redoubling of efforts' to improve UK electric vehicle charging – Motor Trader

The car industry has called for a “redoubling of efforts” to improve charging infrastructure and enhance UK competitiveness.

SMMT President and Chairman HORIBA MIRA Dr George Gillespie OBE, said at the SMMT annual dinner said billions had been pumped into manufacturing EVs but the charging infrastructure was lagging well behind.

“We have invested billions in designing some of the most amazing electrified vehicles – over 115 zero emission capable vehicle models are for sale in the UK right now.

“We have inspired the public to buy these exciting vehicles in numbers never seen before, but here is the twist. It is so frustrating to find broken chargers, blocked chargers, multiple apps, confusing payment schemes. This is quickly going to turn a lot of people off electric vehicles and all our work in developing these fantastic vehicles will be wasted.”

SMMT CEO Mike Hawes EV sales were racing ahead but there was a lot of work to do on the charging infrastcutre.

“Many will ask, which comes first, the EV or the charger. The chicken or the egg. A more apt analogy is the tortoise and the hare. Put simply EV sales are racing ahead whiles on-street charging is increasingly only slowly.

“The auto industry has, like the hare, sprinted ahead. The tortoise needs to catch up damn fast or we all lose.

“So, our plea to Government is create the conditions, maybe mandate the conditions that accelerates the infrastructure across the country for these new vehicles.

“We have delivered the cars, the buses, the HGVs and more are coming. Now it is time for others to match our speed.”


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