Small Dong March demands end to stigma around small penises

Hundreds of people have demonstrated in the US, demanding an end to the stigma around small penises. The Small Dong March, which took place at Pershing Square in Los Angeles, saw both men and women chant: “End small dong shame!” Two men, who were dressed up as hot dogs, held signs that read “all dongs are equal” and “Jesus had a small dong”. Another, dressed in a penis costume, waved a placard declaring “all dongs go to heaven”.

Diamond worth £2m was almost thrown away

A rare diamond that was once almost thrown in the bin has been valued at £2m. The owner, a woman in her seventies, believes she bought the ring at a car boot sale. As part of a clear-out, she took it to be valued and discovered the stone, roughly the size of a pound coin, was a 34.19 carat colour H VS1, which is exceptionally rare. An auctioneer said she told him “that it nearly went in the bin before her neighbour suggested bringing her items to us to get valued”.

Rome airport to launch flying taxis

Rome airport plans to have flying taxis from 2024, reports CNN. Volocopter said it intends to make Fiumicino Airport the initial site for the rotor-bladed, battery-powered two-seater air taxi it is developing. The craft, which takes off and lands vertically, will take passengers into the city in around 15 minutes, compared with 45 minutes or more by car. “It will be a silent journey and … the level of emissions will be zero,” said a


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