Sir David Attenborough shares 'most distressing footage yet' in new series

Sir David Attenborough is set to shock viewers into action with his series which will show distressing footage of animals suffering as a consequence of human life.

The first episode of A Perfect Planet aired on BBC on Sunday night, as viewers of the hour-long programme praised it as ‘mindblowing’.

The 94-year-old broadcasting legend narrates the five-part documentary series, showing how the world has changed “beyond all recognition” over the space of his lifetime.

The documentary is set to shock viewers as it airs unsettling footage showing animals across the globe struggling to survive in the line of global warming.

One upsetting scene is a baby elephant crying out as rescuers give it water

One upsetting scene is a baby elephant crying out as rescuers give it water after the animal’s adult relatives perished in extreme droughts, leaving the baby psychologically damaged.

Sir David warns that the baby elephant is a victim of human influence “so powerful it threatens the future of life on Earth”, according to The Sun.

Throughout the series, the veteran broadcaster says it’s not too late to help turn the tide against climate change and pollution.

He says: “We have the capacity and knowledge to stop the damage we are doing. What we don’t have is time.”

Distressing footage also shows koalas recovering from Australian wildfires

The series will show what measures are being taken around the world in the effort to protect animals.

Distressing footage also shows koalas recovering from Australian wildfires, baby turtles drowned after their nests flooded due to early storms and sloths being rescued after their forests have been destroyed.

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The series makes the bleak prediction that half of all species on Earth could die within the next 80 years unless urgent action is taken.

Fans were quick to praise the show for addressing such harrowing topics after the show aired its first episode on Sunday.

One wrote: “Such a profound ending to today’s #PerfectPlanet. I can’t wait for the next episode! I love how David Attenborough openly discusses environmental problems, especially the #ClimateCrisis!”

Another commented: “Any David Attenborough nature documentary I’ll always watch but #PerfectPlanet just illustrates how important it is to limit the effects of climate change.”

A third wrote: “The year is 2021. Nature programs remind humans of the threat we pose to our perfect planet. So humans take major action to limit their climate impact (can we dream this happens?) #DavidAttenborough#PerfectPlanet


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