Simple Cell Phones for Senior Citizens

Some will ask the question of why the cell phones for seniors would need to be any different from the more typical type of cell phone

The reason for this is actually pretty simple as for many people as they get older needs change. That goes for anything really but definitely goes for cell phone usage.

There are many cases where the senior is going to need a cell phone this is much easier to:

• Handle

• See

• Hear

In other words, the aging adult/senior needs a simpler cell phone.

With the thought above granted, there are a lot of seniors that are able to handle the typical cell phone but the typical cell phone plan isn’t something that fits their needs any longer. Things like with the kids all grown and out of the home, full-time employment is just a thought in the past, etc… The typical cell phone plans that come with the huge pools of minutes are a thought of yesterday and are extremely excessive and unneeded expense.

The nice thing though is while it wasn’t the case in the past the options are increasing greatly and there are a lot of cell phones for seniors that will meet the needs of the aging adult.

The Original in Simple Cell Phones When it comes to cell phones for seniors the original simple senior cell phone is the Jitterbug. The Jitterbug is widely considered to be the original phone that includes basic senior friendly plans as well.

When the Jitterbug was initially in conception it was thought for and designed specifically for the older adult, the senior, in mind. The Jitterbug is also very well suited for anyone that is seeking a cell phone that has:

• Fewer functions to have to mess with

• Larger buttons

• Larger print (font) on the display screen

• A high volume for easier hearing

The J phone from the Jitterbug line is also hearing aid compatible.

The Jitterbug is an amazing phone for any person that might need to have the occasional operator assistance. The operator assistance also provides other support which can help users with just about anything to do with their phone including helping the customer program numbers into their contact list.

The Jitterbug cell phone plans offer their customers very simple options that will provide such options as calling without having any long distance or roaming charges and there is no time of day restrictions which is very convenient to not have to track the day/night time minutes.

Plans for the Jitterbug phones will start as low as $14.99 per month and there is no long-term contract that has to be signed unlike many of the cell phone provider counterparts. The price per minute change is going to be a little larger than many other packages that will offer the larger time bundles but this plan is more for the person that wants a phone for more limited use and those that want something for an emergency and a call here and there. for that type of person, this plan is going to be an extreme cost saver.


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