Sick pet owner who sliced dog’s tongue and bashed him with hammer for ‘ruining his lawn’ avoids jail

A TWISTED thug who sliced his dog’s tongue and bludgeoned him with a hammer for messing up the garden has dodged jail.

The 33-year-old, who has not been named, battered Staffordshire Terrier Dwayne with the tool then failed to take him to the vets in New South Wales.

The RSPCA released pics of the dog’s injuries to raise awareness of the horrific cruelty it suffered.

 The Staffordshire Terrier was found with savage injuries


The Staffordshire Terrier was found with savage injuries

Shocking footage of the scene – too graphic to be released – shows a hammer in the man’s right hand as he chases Dwayne around the garden.

He swings the hammer and hits the pooch’s back legs of the dog before cornering the helpless creature and pummelling more blows down it.

The dog appears to be held and hit with the hammer a further 10 times.

Witnesses claim he yelled that the dog had destroyed his synthetic grass before taking it inside.

RSPCA New South Wales was called and sent inspectors round with police officers the same day.

They found bloodstains on the backyard and the two dogs locked inside the laundry room.


The officials called a locksmith so they could free the animals.

Dwayne was seized and immediately transported to RSPCA NSW Sydney Shelter for veterinary treatment.

RSPCA Inspectors returned to the property on 15 November 2018 and cautioned the defendant, who initially denied any wrongdoing.

After being told about the video footage, he admitted that he had hit the dog with the hammer.

The man handed the dog over to authorities.

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 Dwayne suffered sickening gashes to his tongue


Dwayne suffered sickening gashes to his tongue

A vet found that Dwayne had injuries consisted with blunt force trauma, lacerations to the tongue, facial bruising and a fracture tooth.

During his sentencing at Mt Druitt Local Court in NSW, Australia, Magistrate Corry told him: “You left that dog in continuing pain as a result of not minor injuries, requiring medical treatment.

“Put yourself in the dog’s position if you were the subject of an assault. They feel pain. You should reflect on that.”

The man was placed on an aggregate four-month intensive corrections order.

He must complete 50 hours of community service work and exhibit good behaviour, RSCPA NSW reported.

RSPCA NSW Chief Inspector Scott Meyers said: “There is nothing your pet can do which justifies treating them in this manner.

“Pets look to their owners for the basics, food; water; shelter, but also love and affection.

“This is a very serious example of offending and is further compounded by allowing this dog to continue to suffer as a result of his own actions. I’m sure most of our supporters would consider this appalling conduct.”

Dwayne has since been adopted.

 The owner dodged a jail term over the brutal attack


The owner dodged a jail term over the brutal attack
 The helpless pooch has since been adopted


The helpless pooch has since been adopted


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